Fraternal Correction

To be pleased at correction and reproofs, shows that one loves the virtues which are contrary to those faults for which he is corrected and reproved. And, therefore, it is a great sign of advancement in perfection. -St. Francis de Sales

When St. Peter was reproved by St. Paul, he was not angry, neither did he stand upon his dignity as Superior, or look down upon the other for having been a persecutor of the Church; but received the advice in good part.

We read of St. Ambrose, that when any one informed him of a fault, he thanked him as for a special favor; and there was a certain Cistercian who was especially pleased at an admonition, and used to say an Our Father for whoever gave it.

St. John Berchmans asked of the Superior that four of his companions might keep their eyes on him and admonish him. One of these testified that, having once drawn his attention to a slight omission into which he had fallen, on account of being occupied in another work of charity at the time, he thanked him cordially for the warning, and said the beads for him three times, promising that he would always do the same whenever he would inform him of any defect.

Text from A Year With the Saints (New York: P.J. Kenedy & Sons, 1891).

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