The Woman in St. Gregory’s Bed

While St. Gregory the Bishop had gone down, one night, into the choir for Matins, some of his rivals placed a woman in his bed, and after the office made some excuse for accompanying him to his chamber. Then the woman, as had been preconcerted, began to cry out and accuse the Bishop of sacrilege. By this he was disgraced through all the city, and condemned to imprisonment by the Pope. But God took care of him; for, the holy Apostles Peter and Paul visited and consoled him in his prison, and he performed many miracles.

The woman, meanwhile, was possessed and tormented by the devil, until she appeared before a council of bishops, and revealed the plot. She was then cured by the Saint, the wicked accusers condemned to the severest penalties, the Bishop exonerated by the Pope, and his holiness publicly declared.

Let us put our confidence in God, and establish ourselves in an entire dependence upon His providence. Then we need not fear whatever men can say or do against us, for all will turn to our good. Nay, were all the world to rise against us, nothing would come of it except what was pleasing to God, in whom we have placed our hopes. -St. Vincent de Paul

Text from A Year With the Saints (New York: P.J. Kenedy & Sons, 1891).

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