Suffering – Part 4 of 5

St. Louis the King, when conversing with the King of England about the slavery he endured in Turkey, in which he suffered many trials, expressed himself in this manner: “I thank God for the ill success of that war, and I rejoice more at the patience which the Lord granted me at that time, than if I had subjugated the country.”

We have never so much cause for consolation, as when we find ourselves oppressed by sufferings and trials; for these make us like Christ our Lord, and this resemblance is the true mark of our predestination. -St. Vincent de Paul

The Lord once said to St. Gertrude: “The more you are tried, and the more your way of life is disapproved without any fault of your own, the dearer you will be to Me, on account of the increased resemblance to Me, which you will thus attain.”

The Lord once appeared to the Blessed Baptista Verrani, and said to her: “Believe, My daughter, that I have shown you greater love in sending you afflictions, than in lavishing upon you every mark of tenderness. In what could I show My love more than in seeking for you what I chose for Myself?”

Text from A Year With the Saints (New York: P.J. Kenedy & Sons, 1891).

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