Daily Contradictions

Do not be vexed at the contradictions you meet in ordinary intercourse, for they give an opportunity to practise the most precious and amiable virtues, which our Lord has recommended to us. Believe me that true virtue is no more reared in outward repose, than good fish in the stagnant water of a swamp. How shall we prove our love for God, who has suffered so much for us, if not among contradictions and repugnances? -St. Francis de Sales

One of the Fathers of the Desert used to imagine Jesus Christ standing by his side in his tribulations, and saying to him: “You are My brother, and are you not ashamed to make any difficulty about suffering this, when you know how much I have suffered for you?”

A director of the Venerable Maria Seraphina, to whom she revealed her whole life, testifies of her that in all the insults and ridicule which she had suffered, in the bad interpretation which others had put on her good works, and in all her other trials, she never gave way to impatience, nor showed any signs of vexation, but bore everything with the greatest peace and tranquillity both internal and external, always praising and blessing God for the occasion He was giving her to exercise patience.

Text from A Year With the Saints (New York: P.J. Kenedy & Sons, 1891).

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