Whoever has the charge of others, ought not hesitate to resist and correct the vices of those who depend on him, or even to oppose their sentiments when need requires it, — always, however, with mildness and peace, especially when he has to enunciate any truths difficult to receive. Such truths must first be heated by a burning fire of charity, which will take away all their sharpness; otherwise, they will be sour fruit, better calculated to cause disease than to give nourishment. -St. Francis de Sales

When St. Jane Frances de Chantal had to give any correction or penance, she spoke always with great care, that there might not escape from her lips any word of reproof or disapproval, which would show the slightest sign of anger, but that all might be accompanied by a cordial compassion and tenderness, which would serve at once to blame the fault and to comfort the offender. Her sole effort was to make the delinquent perceive her error, and recollect herself, and she did this in ways so gentle and terms so insinuating, that it was almost impossible not to be moved to repentance, and not to receive the admonition with profit.

Text from A Year With the Saints (New York: P.J. Kenedy & Sons, 1891).

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