Merit By Obedience

Obedience is, without doubt, more meritorious than any austerity. -St. Catherine of Bologna

When St. Mary Magdalen di Pazzi was sick, she was accustomed to refuse any delicate food or costly medicine that was offered her; but if the bringer required her to take it as an act of obedience, she made no further objections.

As St. Dositheus was not able to practise austerities, or even the ordinary exercises of religion, on account of his feeble health, he turned his attention wholly to the practice of obedience, and after five years spent in this manner, it was revealed to him that a crown like that of the great St. Anthony awaited him in heaven.

St. Teresa often said: “One of the greatest graces for which I feel bound to thank our Lord, is that His Divine Majesty has given me a desire to be obedient; since in this virtue I experience the greatest consolation and content, as the one which our Lord enjoined upon us more than any other; and therefore I desire to possess it more than anything else in the world.”

Text from A Year With the Saints (New York: P.J. Kenedy & Sons, 1891).

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