Obedience Rewarded

One day, when St. Frances of Rome was reciting the Office of the Blessed Virgin, she was interrupted four times while repeating a single antiphon, by the voice of her husband calling her. Each time she answered promptly, and when she returned the fourth time, she found the antiphon written in letters of gold.

A Cistercian monk, having gathered up a few crumbs at the close of a meal, had not had time to eat them, as the signal for leaving the table was given, and grace was said. He was unwilling to waste them, but his rule forbade him to eat anything except at the regular repasts. He therefore went to his Superior, and kneeling, asked what he should do. But when, at his Superior’s command, he opened his hand to show him the crumbs, they were changed into precious gems.

The Abbot Martin, having a dry rod in his hand, planted it in the ground, and bade his disciple to water it until it blossomed. The latter did this regularly for three years, going daily for water to the Nile, which was two miles distant; and he never complained nor was discouraged by seeing that he had labored so long in vain. Finally, the Lord deigned to show how much this labor pleased Him, for the rod grew green and blossomed.

Text from A Year With the Saints (New York: P.J. Kenedy & Sons, 1891).

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