Mary, Mother of Eucharistic Adorers

Our vocation, which in a special manner binds us to the service of the King of kings, makes it a duty incumbent upon us to appeal to Mary. Jesus is King in the Eucharist, and He wishes to have in His court only trained servants that have made their full course, and who, before presenting themselves to the King, have learned to serve. Jesus has left us His Divine Mother to be the Mother and Model of Adorers.

The whole life of Mary tended to good. It may be summed up in one word, adoration, for adoration is the perfect service of God. It embraces all the duties of the creature toward the Creator.

It was Mary who first adored the Incarnate Word. He was in her womb, and no one on earth knew it. O how well was Our Lord served in Mary’s womb! Never has He found a ciborium, a vase of gold more precious, or more pure than Mary’s womb. Mary’s adoration rejoiced Him more than that of all the angels. “The Lord hath placed His tabernacle in the sun,” says the Psalmist [19:5]. That sun is Mary’s heart.

At Bethlehem, Mary was the first to adore her Divine Son lying in the crib. She adored Him with the perfect love of a Virgin Mother.

Mary went on adoring Our Lord in His hidden life at Nazareth, afterward in His apostolic life, and, lastly, on Calvary, where her adoration became pure suffering. Remark the nature of Mary’s adoration. She adored Our Lord according to His various conditions, she adapted her homage to Jesus’ state. It was that which gave character to her adoration. She did not remain in unchanging adoration. At one time, she adored God annihilated in her womb, at another poor in Bethlehem, again laboring at Nazareth, evangelizing the country, and converting sinners. She adored Him in His sufferings on Calvary, suffering herself with Him. Her adoration was in touch with the sentiments of her Divine Son, which were clearly shown her. Her love brought her into perfect conformity of thought and life with Him.

To you, adorers, we say: “Adore incessantly our Eucharistic Jesus, but vary your adoration as the Blessed Virgin did. Recall and revive all the mysteries of religion in the Eucharist, else you will fall into routine.”

O Mary, teach us the life of adoration! Teach us to find, as thou didst, all mysteries and all graces in the Eucharist, to live the Gospel over again, and to read it in the Eucharistic Life of Jesus! Remember, Lady of the Most Blessed Sacrament, that thou art the Mother of all adorers of the Holy Eucharist.

Text from Father Eymard’s Month of Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament (New York: Sentinel Press, 1903).

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