Divine Protection

At the time of the great conflicts with the king’s ministers on the question of jurisdiction, and on account of the excommunications fulminated against them, the Governor of Milan, with some of the secret council opposed to the Cardinal [Charles Borromeo], often thought of taking rigorous measures against his person, as they knew no other way to hinder him from defending the rights of his Church.

But every time that they assembled in the king’s council to settle upon something, the thoughts changed in their minds, and the words upon their lips, so that they could come to no resolution against him. They themselves were bewildered and greatly amazed at this, not knowing to what they should ascribe their change of purpose. But doubtless it was the result of his great confidence in God, in reward of which God blessed all his enterprises, removed all obstacles, and brought them to a happy ending.

Text from A Year With the Saints (New York: P.J. Kenedy & Sons, 1891).

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