Delighting in the Divine Will

So great is the delight which the angels take in executing the will of God, that, if it were His will that one of them should come upon earth to pull up weeds and root out nettles from a field, he would leave Paradise immediately, and set himself to work with all his heart, and with infinite pleasure. – Bl. Henry Suso

He himself was so satisfied with the will of God, so completely attached and submissive to it, that he said, “I would rather be a bat at the Divine will, than a seraph at my own.”

So great was the love and tenderness which St. Mary Magdalen di Pazzi entertained for the Divine will, that at the mere mention of it, she would be lost in an ocean of spiritual joy, and sometimes rapt into ecstasies.

One evening, after most of the others had retired to sleep, some one said of a certain Sister that she had a great desire to do the will of God. The Saint replied joyously, “She is right, for to do the will of God is a thing most lovely” — and with that she remained bereft of sense, for she could not bear the flood of sweetness that flowed over her at the thought of the loveliness of the Divine will. She then ran through the dormitory, exclaiming, “How amiable is the Divine will!” and calling upon the rest to come and confess this with her. She excited such a tender emotion in them all, that they arose and went with her to the chapel, where they all unitedly confessed with a loud voice that the Divine will was worthy of all love, and the hearts of all were deeply stirred.

Text from A Year With the Saints (New York: P.J. Kenedy & Sons, 1891).

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