Mother of Divine Grace

Of all the gifts which may enrich an intelligent being, none is greater, more precious or more desirable than grace. This divine gift we owe to the merits of our Saviour, a gift which makes man the friend of God, brother of Jesus Christ, and heir to the Kingdom of Heaven. It makes us in some sort sharers in the Godhead, according to the words of St. Peter: “By whom He hath given us most great and precious promises: that by these you may be made partakers of the divine nature.” [2 Pet 1:4]

As Mary was destined to become Mother of the Author of grace, she must needs have been herself enriched with this gift, in a degree superior to that of all other creatures. For this reason, at the moment of her conception, she was exempted from every stain of sin, and was endowed with an abundance of grace, above that which any of the saints ever possessed.

In calling Mary “Mother of divine grace,” we do not mean to say that she of herself bestows upon men this priceless gift. To impart grace is proper to God alone, who is the King of glory, immortal and invisible. To Him only belongs by right of dominion this supernatural good: none but He is its primary dispenser.

However, the distribution of the treasure of grace is regulated by wise and provident laws. Just as the princes of the earth have ministers to distribute their largess, so also the King of Heaven has willed that His riches should be distributed by the sage bounty of her who, by privilege, has received the plenitude thereof. She intercedes as a Daughter, she commands as a Mother; and at her voice the gifts of Heaven are lavished upon men. It is not therefore for herself only that Mary is full of grace, she is so, on our account as well; and this is the precise meaning of the glorious title with which the voice of the Christian people at large loves to call her: “Mother of divine grace.”

Text from Alexis M. Lepicier, The Fairest Flower of Paradise (London: Burns, Oates & Washbourne, Ltd., 1922).

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