Mother Most Admirable

The Word haying become Man by taking to Himself a human body in the womb of the ever Blessed Virgin, pledged Himself thereby to fulfill toward His beloved Mother all the duties of the best of sons.

The first of these duties is love. It is chiefly by love that a son seeks to repay his parents’ affection.

It was at the time of His passion, that Jesus manifested His love toward Mary in a way altogether singular, for His last thought was directed to entrusting His Holy Mother to the beloved disciple.

To such love Mary responded by a boundless love toward her Son, and this mutual love begun here below, formed the bond which unites those two Hearts now in heaven so closely, that they are as it were but one Heart.

The reverence which Jesus showed to Mary during His earthly life, was equal to His love for her. It was not merely His own quality of Son which impelled Him to venerate Mary: it was also the acknowledgment of the sublime privileges and extraordinary sanctity wherewith the Virgin’s soul was adorned.

The incomparable dignity of Mary, the absence of all sin in her and the presence of the choicest graces in her soul, were for Jesus so many motives for thus especially honoring His Mother. Thus, the Son of God teaches us by His own example, with what respect we should treat our Heavenly Queen.

It is a great thing indeed that both angels and men should pay homage to Mary, proclaiming her Queen of heaven and earth. But it passes all comprehension that God Himself should deign to lavish such singular tokens of esteem and veneration upon this marvelous and most excellent creature.

Not only did Jesus love Mary with a most profound love, showing her a respect in accordance with her dignity, but He was even pleased to be subjected to her as long as He lived upon earth.

This was not in truth the submission of an inferior toward his superior, for the hypostatic union places Jesus high above all creatures. It was the act of deference of a son toward her, whom Divine Providence had singled out to provide for the temporal needs of his life.

Oh, the humility of the King of kings! Oh, the unspeakable dignity of Mary and Joseph, in whose arms the Creator of the universe could rest happy and secure!

Text from Alexis M. Lepicier, The Fairest Flower of Paradise (London: Burns, Oates & Washbourne, Ltd., 1922).

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