Loving God

Alas! we have not as much love as we need! I mean, that it would require an infinite amount, to have enough to love our God according to His due; and yet, miserable that we are, we throw it away lavishly upon vile and unworthy objects, as if we had a superfluity. -St. Francis de Sales

St. Augustine, to animate his soul to centre all its love upon God, employed such incentives as these: “What can please thee in this world, O my soul, or what can gain thy love? Wherever thou turnest, thou seest only heaven and earth. If in both thou findest what is worthy of praise and love, of how much praise and love must He be worthy, who has made these things thou praisest and lovest? My soul, till this time thou hast been long occupied and tossed hither and thither by many and various desires, which have ensnared thy heart, and divided it among many loves, leaving thee always disturbed and never secure. Recollect thyself now a little, and ask those things that please thee, who is their maker; and since you admire the form, love its Former, and do not lose thyself in what is made, so as to forget Him who made it. Indeed, indeed, my God, Thou art truly worthy to be revered and loved above everything on earth or in heaven.”

Text from A Year With the Saints (New York: P.J. Kenedy & Sons, 1891).

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