Confidence in God – Part 1 of 2

When one puts all his care on God, and rests wholly upon Him, being careful, meanwhile, to serve Him faithfully, God takes care of him; and the greater the confidence of such a one, the more the care of God extends over him; neither is there any danger of its failing, for God has an infinite love for those souls that repose in Him. -St. Francis de Sales

The same thing was once said by our Lord to St. Catherine of Sienna: “Think of Me, and I will think of you, and take care of all your interests.”

St. Hugo, the Bishop, said that it was his experience that the more he attended to performing well and diligently all that pertained to the worship of God, the more God provided for him in all necessary things.

More than any other, St. Francis manifested, and still manifests, this truth, by the wonderful protection of Divine Providence which he experienced, and which sustains his sons even to this day. And so, the Viaticum which he gave his companions when they were going to a distance, was this verse of the Psalms: Jacta super Dominum curam tuam, et ipse te enutriet — Cast thy care upon the Lord, and He will sustain thee. And when the Pope asked him about his means of living, he replied: “Holy Father, we have a mother truly poor, but a very rich Father.”

Text from A Year With the Saints (New York: P.J. Kenedy & Sons, 1891).

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