Confidence in Divine Providence

When Father Alvarez was rector of a poor college, he had a steward who often came to tell him of the daily wants, and what was necessary to support the house. Once he asked him whether he had recommended the matter to God. The steward replied that he had no time to pray. “This,” rejoined the good Superior, “ought to be the first thing. Go into some room, and make a little prayer to the Lord. Do you think this flock has no master, or such a one as has no regard for their lives? Go in peace, and remember that this depends not on your efforts.” The steward obeyed, and often afterwards found means of support which he considered miraculous.

St. Francis de Sales says that St. Jane Frances de Chantal showed a most courageous and generous soul in continuing undertakings with which God had inspired her.

When St. Francis Xavier saw that the honor of God called him, he went without fearing difficulties or dangers of any kind. And so he attempted nothing which he did not continue, and began nothing which he did not pursue to the end.

When St. Charles [Borromeo] had weighed any enterprise he was about to commence, prudently and maturely, and judged it good for the service of God, though it might seem to others sure to fail, he began and prosecuted it with great courage, and always with success.

Text from A Year With the Saints (New York: P.J. Kenedy & Sons, 1891).

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