The Ill-Fated Inn

When once we have placed ourselves totally in the hands of God, we have no cause to fear misfortune; for, if any should come to us, He will know how to make it turn to our good, by ways which we do not know now, but which, one day, we shall know. -St. Vincent de Paul

When a young secular, St. Francis de Sales once visited Rome, and returning, one evening, to an inn near the Tiber, where he lodged, he found his servants in a dispute with the landlord, who wished them to find some other house, as he hoped to receive more profit from another party, whose luggage he had already taken in, and for whom he wished to dispossess the holy baron. Nor would the quarrel have ended with angry words alone, if St. Francis, with his usual meekness, had not ordered his servants to do as the landlord wished. He agreed, then, to find another lodging, but scarcely had he done so, when a heavy rain swelled the Tiber, and made it overflow its banks, causing an inundation, which carried away the unhappy inn, and all its occupants, so that not one escaped, nor was there a trace left of the building, which had been considered one of the best of its kind in Rome.

Text from A Year With the Saints (New York: P.J. Kenedy & Sons, 1891).

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