The Confidence of a Servant of God

Oh, what happiness to walk in this perfect dependence upon a sovereign providence, remaining continually under the Divine protection! -St. Jane Frances de Chantal

Such was the confidence of Abraham, who hoped that his posterity would spread over the whole world, according to the Divine promise, though by the order of God Himself he should sacrifice to him the life of his only son at a time when he could not expect to have another.

Equally great was that of holy Job, who, afflicted in body, bereft of his sons, deprived of his property, and ridiculed by his friends, still said, “Though He should slay me, yet will I always hope in Him.”

The servant of God ought to fear nothing, and to give himself but little concern even as to the devils themselves; for, every time they fail to terrify us, they lose strength, and the soul masters them more easily. If the Lord is powerful and they are His slaves, what harm can they do to those who are servants of so great a King and Lord? -St. Teresa

Whoever does not lose courage in unexpected difficulties, but immediately has recourse to God with confidence, shows that this virtue is well rooted in his heart. -Rodriguez

Text from A Year With the Saints (New York: P.J. Kenedy & Sons, 1891).

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