No Suffering Can Compare

Christ Adored by Andrea Solari

When it is our lot to suffer pain, trials, or ill-treatment, let us turn our eyes upon what our Lord suffered, which will instantly render our sufferings sweet and supportable. However sharp our griefs may be, they will seem but flowers, in comparison with His thorns. -St. Francis de Sales

Count Elzearius received many insults even from his own subjects, and bore them all with great tranquillity. Being asked, by his wife, how he was able to do this, he answered: “When I receive insults from any one, I turn my thoughts to the great affronts which the Son of God suffered from His creatures, and say to myself, Even if they were to pull your beard and strike you, what would this be in comparison with what your Lord suffered with so much patience? But I can tell you, besides, that I sometimes feel in such cases no slight emotions of anger. Then I quickly turn my mind to some similar injury suffered by our Lord, and keep it fixed upon that, until the emotion has subsided.”

If you look at the rod of Moses lying on the ground, it is a frightful serpent; if you look at it in the hand of Moses, it is a wand of power. It is thus with tribulations. Consider them in themselves, and they are horrors; consider them in the will of God, and they are joys and delights. -St. Francis de Sales

Text from A Year With the Saints (New York: P.J. Kenedy & Sons, 1891).

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